Notes On The Things That Matter

On Glaiza: Fonda Top (P950) and Bottoms (900)
Simple but complex, kind but moody, friendly but cautious. More than anything she has accomplished, Glaiza De Castro is a free spirit. In the volume 2 of the Swim Series, Glaiza walks us into the things that matter in life.

What are the things you believe matter most in life and why?

Relationships, time, empathy, passion and patience. These are the things that kept me intact through the crazy years. Life is unpredictable but if we have these things as our foundation, it’s somehow less daunting.

How do we avoid a superficial way of thinking in a superficial society?

 I think it’s not too bad to detach yourself from the society sometimes. We have the freedom to choose who we want to listen to and if we think it doesn’t help us, we can just filter it out, leave and let them be. You cannot always agree with everyone.
Any tips of on how to stay focused on the things that matter?

Always have time for yourself because that’s when you can hear yourself the most. When we are surrounded with lots of different opinions, it’s hard to hear our own voice.
Go outside and walk, breathe fresh air, hike mountains, swim in the ocean, light a candle, and meditate.
Then you can get back on track again.

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