Introducing UNDA

Unda began as a passion project that aims to provide women with stylish yet comfortable pieces at reasonable prices. At Unda, we want women to feel confident, happy, sexy, and comfortable in their own skin, as we believe that every body is a beach body. 

As we’re in such a saturated market, we constantly try to stay on top of trends. We want to make it easy for you to distinguish what makes us different from all the rest, and that’s by offering unique colors, textures, and fabric to the Unda Swim Club (that’s you!) 

Although the pandemic stopped many plans to go on exciting beach adventures, we introduced the idea of “reimagining beach days.” After multiple seasons of ECQ, we’ve been coerced to transform our idea of what the perfect sunny day looks like. 

Unda Swimwear founder Robyn wears the Paloma in lilac


For many, what used to be sipping cocktails by the beach, playing volleyball on toasted sand, and sunbathing til we’re red cherry tomatoes turned into a glass of wine with a book in hand, a Zoom call with friends, a picnic in the garden or a pool day at home.

Though different, we all find the similarities of a beach day and the same sense of leisure and fun in the newfound things we do. 

Unda director Erica wears the Swim Camp Baby Tee


Reimagining our beach days reminds us all that the idea of the perfect beach day is still within our grasp — all we have to do is use our imagination.

As we wait for the day it’s safe to fly to our favorite beaches and as borders open up again worldwide, we at Unda are excited to provide you with all the beach essentials you need for that next adventure, or even for your next staycation at home. You can expect fun and playful resort wear and matching pieces from us in the near future. 

Sam wears the Fonda in Salt and Pepper, and Erica wears the Sierra Textured Bone Top and Paloma Bottoms


For now, enjoy your reimagined beach days with our new playlist, your trusted sunblock, stylish sunglasses, and favorite Unda swimsuit! 

REIMAGINE BEACH DAYS: The Unda Swimwear Playlist

  1. Inhale the Sky - King Most’s Dance Mix by Mirror Gazer, King Most 
  2. Ultraparadiso by Gilligan Moss
  3. Let You Know - Robin Hannibal Rework by Flume, London Grammar, Robin Hannibal
  4. The Sun Is Warm and Directly Above You - Laurence Guy
  5. Attitude, Belief, and Determination - Zaf Lovevinyl Slight Edit by Martin L. Dumas, Zafsmusic
  6. Bermuda - Harvey Sutherland 
  7. I’ll Do Anything for You - Patchworks Remix - Lee Mc Donald
  8. Mornin Dew - Sunni Colon

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