Simple Joys with Ella Pangilinan

For the first volume of The Swim Series we got to chat with one of our inspirations and role models, Ella Pangilinan.
On Ella: The Cyndi in Salt and Pepper, P1,950
Ella is a 24 year old visual artist and creative strategist based in Manila, Philippines. She is a member of the board for Called to Rescue, an anti human trafficking organization. Ella loves to pursue initiatives that strengthen cultural identity, promote the value of each individual and the impact of creative expression.
During our conversation, Ella let us in her world and shared to us the simple things that bring joy in it.
1. What are your simple joys?
I love when I get to sleep in, not having to rush a big breakfast and a nice sunny day by the water. 🏝
2. How do you find joy in the mundane and remain motivated, especially during these difficult times?
There were so many things I’ve put off because I was too busy and couldn’t carve out time. I took advantage of how lockdown freed up my schedule, and it’s been so uplifting to rediscover my passions ✨ sometimes it’s a matter of just looking at what you have available (in this case, was more time to do more things for myself) and think of how you could maximize/make something meaningful out of it. 💕
3. Do you have any tips for helping others experience joy?
I believe that having a “glass half full” perspective always helps. 💗

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